I grew up in a family of financial product entrepreneurs. On the night I was born, my mother was sorting punch cards for their largest client at midnight, trying to rush through this exhausting, manual process just hours before I arrived. This was nothing unusual. In our house, conversations at the dinner table inevitably turned to how we could pull in receivables while stretching out payables, conversations that continue at my dinner table today. And while I may be the fourth generation of Lacertes to tackle this age-old issue, I am the first to have technology on my side.

Back when I founded my first company -- which I eventually sold to Intuit -- I experienced first hand the frustrations of managing cash flow. The processes in place were manual, slow and dependent on spreadsheets riddled with human error. There was no way to easily visualize where you were in any given month or to plan wisely for the next, never mind the long term. With entrepreneurship in my blood, I wanted to build businesses, not battle spreadsheets. So, I founded Bill.com to solve this problem once and for all.

I am sure you understand my pain. For too long, accountants, SMBS, and financial professionals have been chained to their desks, hidden behind reams of unorganized paper bills and shackled to inefficient, ineffective Excel spreadsheets. Banks have been unable to find a way to get to the center of their customers’ cash flow operations. We built Bill.com to free you to work on what matters and be more strategic instead of chasing after paper.

Bill.com gives you command and control over your cash flow, payables and receivables - anywhere, anytime. It rakes in receivables faster, shows you the best time to pay every bill and eliminates hours of paperwork and drudgery. It invoices your customers, pays the bills on your schedule, banks your deposits and even syncs everything with your accounting program, freeing your time - and your mind - to grow your business.

We can accomplish all this because of the cloud. The cloud has provided a whole new platform for innovation. The sharing of data and services between customers and partners creates endless opportunities to automate processes by using technology in ways that it has never been used before. Innovation in the cloud is not just about using the latest technology but instead it is about how a specific technology can vastly improve the day to day processes that we all have.

And you can’t deliver on innovation without a focus on customers, how they operate today and how to provide that leap forward that will transform their lives. Listening to your customers and providing great customer service is the cornerstone to any business’s success, and is the reason why to this day the Lacerte name means not just superior tax and accounting products -- including Lacerte Tax Software, PayCycle and now Bill.com -- but superior service. Just like my grandfather and father before me, I am committed to understanding my customers’ needs and building solutions to make their lives easier. And at Bill.com we know we can transform our customers’ lives.

We know this is possible because we are already living the dream. I run our business entirely online. We have no filing cabinets. I can pay bills, process payroll, review financials, examine contracts, and manage the 401k program all from my iPhone.

Once you are freed from the drudgery and limitations of manual processes and experience the joy of automatic updates, invoicing and even payments, you will never go back to those old, dark days. Sure, we will all still talk about cash flow at the dinner table, like all good financial professionals and entrepreneurs do, but it will be with the hope of the great businesses we will build and the problems we will solve, armed with a cash flow management system that has finally set us free.


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