Monday, December 30, 2013 - 10:21

By Natasha Dolginsky, Sr. Marketing Manager,

Today the business Anelya founded helps other entrepreneurs grow successful enterprises. She and her staff of six provide outsourced Accounting and HR services for more than 80 angel- and VC-funded startups with collective funding of over $150 million, setting up systems and processes to help them scale faster.

How can so few do so much for so many? “We use all cloud-based services,” she told us. “Expense reporting, file sharing, document signing, payroll, payables processing, accounts receivable, cash planning – everything.”

By eliminating time-consuming, paper-based processes, the cloud speeds workflow and minimizes costs. And with secure access from anywhere to documents and data, Anelya and her team are never out of touch.

“I can be in San Francisco or New York or London and it’s all the same for our clients. Plus, the clients never have to wait for a specific staff member to be available, because with everything online we can all fill in for each other.Anelya Grant Accounting

Are you as much in awe as we are of people like Anelya Grant, who have the ambition, smarts and guts it takes to do whatever they must in order to make their American Dreams come true?

“My life purpose is to help people grow and find their happiness. This is why I love working with entrepreneurs, passionate people dreaming about making changes in people’s lives.” she told us. “I feel like I’m part of a movement of like-minded people."

“My father founded a university in Kazakhstan. I saw him struggle for years, with the government bureaucracy making everything so difficult, and I knew I could never accomplish what I wanted to do there.”

“Yes,” we said, “but what made you so sure you could do it here, in a strange country thousands of miles from everything you knew?”

“Movies,” she said, and laughed.

# # #

Check out how the cloud can help you automate your businesses manual processes-- Take a personal tour of today. 

Monday, December 30, 2013 - 10:00

By Ellen Gomes, Manager- Social Media,

You can give up checks and paper without giving up control. In fact, a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders has discovered that they have actually gained more control.

 “We’ve literally gotten rid of boxes of paperwork which we store online now, so I can access anything I need from anywhere I need to be.
– Joshua Caulfield, CEO, American Institute of Architecture Students

“With everything visible online, I can now do better cash forecasting and pay bills in a more timely fashion. Now we can see weeks in advance what’s in the pipeline and how it will impact cash flow.”
– Jessica Renzi, Accounting Senior Manager, National PTA

“I wish we’d done this a lot sooner. I’d never go back.”
– Andy Cohen, CEO,

 “Doing everything electronically lets our founder delegate financial responsibilities without relinquishing control. Plus, we don’t have to go to our mailbox and check for checks every day to see if a someone has paid us.” – Susan Fennema, Dean of Success, Mighty Data

“ showed up at exactly the right time in the life of our business. By automating so many tedious, manual processes, it enables us and our clients to concentrate on our goals.”
– Chris Fenster, CEO, Propeller Industries

“No shuffling paperwork or making copies, no printing out emails, no filing, no filing cabinets. But what stands out the most for me is the time savings.”
– Patti Randall, CEO. CourseSmart

Join these forward-thinking business leaders and thousands more like them, who use game-changing technology to eliminate paper and increase control over their payables, receivables, and cash flow. 

And getting started is much easier than it sounds at, because it works with your accounting software, set-up takes less than 60 minutes on average, and expert, friendly help by phone is now free. No credit card required.

Friday, December 27, 2013 - 11:42

By Neelam Saboo, Product Manager, Platform

As the deadlines for this year’s tax season approach fast, has partnered with TechAtlantis to eliminate the pain points of e-filing 1099-MISC forms., an application created by TechAtlantis, provides an automated, paperless, and painless way to e-file 1099s.

The integrated solution imports relevant 1099 data from your account. Tax1099 creates an initial file of vendor and payment data for you to review and edit before it creates the 1099-MISC forms for each recipient. Once the forms are created, you review and approve them to be sent to recipients and e-filed with the IRS and state tax agencies. After the IRS receives the 1099s, you will receive a confirmation email verifying that the process is complete.

In addition to Tax1099’s automated e-filing capabilities, the company also offers tax identification number (TIN) matching to reduce the incidence of receiving B Notices from the IRS. But if you do receive B Notices, the solution also provides services to resolve them. Example

Unlike other competitive products, the integration eliminates the need for any manual data entry. Data flows from your account to the Tax1099 application.

The solution:

  • Eliminates manual data entry and reduces potential errors
  • Eliminates clerical work of printing and mailing 1099 forms
  • Enables you to be completely paperless

For more details on the integrated product, read the Solution Overview. To get started with getting your 1099 processing, go to the App Center, under the gear icon in the Application.  


To see a walk-through of the and integration, watch the video below: 


Friday, December 27, 2013 - 10:33

By René Lacerte, Founder & CEO,

2013 was an incredible year for We signed two of the nation’s top five banks. We raised $38 million in funding from Scale Venture Partners, Bank of America, American Express, Fifth Third Bank and Pete Kight, founder of CheckFree. We doubled our revenue while growing our network to more than 275,000 users. We grew our employee team to more than 100. The “No Check CEO” concept has become a reality as more and more companies go paperless. And our 20-plus awards show that people know we are doing something innovative and important.

Can we top this in 2014? I believe we can. We have a lot of product innovation up our sleeves. We have new markets to tap. And we have a great deal of growth ahead of us as a company. To give you a preview, here are our top three goals for 2014:

  • We will roll out our two new bank customers in a way that will revolutionize how banks service SMBs. These successful implementations will help us reach our goal of building partnerships with more banks and other channel partners.
  • We will enhance our network to better serve existing customers and expand to new audiences. We anticipate these changes will help us surpass the 500,000 members mark in 2014.
  • We will continue to make a great place to work. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our new offices. These state-of-the-art facilities will be designed around collaboration, just like our product. We will also be building the human systems needed to guide our company as we grow into this next exciting phase.

On a personal note, 2013 was a year where a focus on physical fitness had a profound impact on both my work and personal life. My emphasis on exercise led to a happier, healthier and more creative me. Other team members had similar experiences this year. People’s stories of weight lost and happiness gained have been inspiring. We will continue to promote employee health in our new office via healthy food options and group exercise for all who want it. I feel passionately about the tie between a healthy body, mind and spirit. I’ve made the following video if you'd like to hear more about why exercise is so important to me.

I wish all of you a happy, healthy 2014. Thank you to our customers for making us the success we are today. And to those of you readers who are not yet part of the family-- I hope your resolution will be to join us this year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 10:47

By Ellen Gomes, Manager-Social Media,

Earlier this month, approximately two million online accounts were compromised at the some of the biggest players out there including, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You may have not even noticed this story because nowadays this type of occurrence is everyday news. But there is something pretty shocking about this case, in my mind. It is the password details of the stolen data. These passwords flew in the face of every password best practice. They were as obvious as “12345” or the word “password.”

SpiderLabs (which broke the news of the breach) posted this Top 10 Passwords List after the fact, featuring the most common passwords.

SpiderLabs research- Common Passwords with Frequency

There is clearly a major problem here. While companies are responsible for ensuring the security of their data, there are some basic precautions that fall on the end user. And the biggest precaution is as basic, but vital, as password creation and maintenance. 

At, we have put together a checklist of how you can help keep your account secure, which you can find here.  

When available, turn on multi factor authentication. offers this added security feature, which is imperative for any financial site. 

To supplement these best practices, here are some recommended password management guidelines.

Here is how to create your passwords: 

  • Pick a base password that’s at least 8 characters long. Use uppercase, lowercase and one number. Add punctuation if the site will allow it. Note: encourages passwords at least 10 characters or more and allows punctuation.
  • Make sure the password means something to you but does not contain personal information. Example: 2McitK  which comes from the phrase Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen. 
  • For each website that you need a password for, you can use  2+ characters from the domain name. So adding to the example above, for it could be: 2McitKBL, with the BL representing 

Here are some additional password management tips:

  • Have a different password for each website.
  • Have a different base password for different things, for example: Personal, Business, Financial so if your password is cracked you have limited it to one section. 
  • Don’t EVER type your password into someone else’s computer, even if it’s an SSL website. They could knowingly or unknowingly have a keylogger installed. 
  • Don’t share your passwords, even with loved ones. 
  • Try to avoid using public Internet access. If you do, be very careful that you only type your password into sites that use SSL, and if you get any SSL warnings, immediately disconnect and stop using the connection,  as this means someone could be sniffing your passwords or otherwise trying to cause harm. 

While none of these precautions can stop data theft, they can definitely slow them down and make it easier for you to manage a password theft should it happen. If you have other tips, please be sure to share them with us so we can add them to our arsenal.

Friday, December 13, 2013 - 11:03

By Mark Orttung, President and COO,

One of our greatest successes this year has been the rapid growth of the Business Payments Network. As of December 2013, our first-of-its-kind Network has enabled more than 275,000 members to pay and get paid millions of bills worth over $12 billion annually, and to share financial data and collaborate with trading partners.

To drive future growth, is bringing the power and ease of to serve new, broader markets. A key component of this initiative is the App Center, which showcases partner applications with seamless integrations to the Platform using the resources available in our Developer Program. These applications — along with connectors developed by integrators and custom applications designed by customers — create financial process efficiencies and capabilities previously unattainable by customers.

Since the App Center’s September roll out, our partners have enjoyed significant business upside, inspiring us to take the next step. I’m pleased that we can now offer a more comprehensive program that gives developers a simple way to integrate applications with the Platform. The new developer website (accessible at presents the revamped Developer Program and  offers sample code, use cases and FAQs to help commercial application developers, integrators, and customers develop applications on the Platform.

The Platform provides application developers, integrators, and customers advantages unmatched by any other development platform. The Platform enables developers and integrators to add automated payments to their solutions, bridging the “last mile” between financial applications and payments. In addition, they are able to leverage financial and payment data across trading partners, with no data loss or inefficiencies. With the capabilities enabled by the Platform, developers can easily create end-to-end solutions to support the workflows for financial professionals.

We thank the developer community for inspiring us to refine the Developer Program. We look forward to seeing the new and exciting ways our powerful platform will be used for financial process innovations.

Friday, December 13, 2013 - 10:34, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, announced that it will offer a free webinar, “Quick-Start Training for a Paperless 2014” on Wednesday, December 18, at 10 a.m. PT. Registration is available here

Hosted by Founder and CEO René Lacerte, the webinar will walk attendees through the simple steps needed to banish paper checks and bills as well as stop the paper chase around their offices. He will explain how to make a quick and easy transition from paper to a cloud-based environment, covering the benefits of—and different approaches to—automation as well what to look for in a cloud solution.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 11:05

The crisp mornings and falling snowflakes make summer vacations seem like a distant past, but we want to remember the fun of summer vacation, so we caught up with our Bills on Vacation photo contest winner Cindy Schroeder, of Bright Bookkeeping, to see how she is enjoying her prize and talk about how she and her clients use

BDC:I understand you follow us on Twitter and Facebook and won the grand prize for our Bills on Vacation photo contest - a GoPro Hero 3 - What have you used or plan to use the camera for?

Cindy:  Well this all begins with a funny story - I met’s CEO René at Scaling New Heights this year, I attended a lunch and just happened to sit next to him. Then some time had passed since the conference and I was working late and noticed the contest and thought “I have funny picture, maybe it will make René laugh,” and submitted it.

It was a surprise to win! I haven’t used the camera yet but I thought it would be fun to take with me to the 2014 Figure Skating Nationals in Boston or cool to strap to myself on a roller coaster at a Disney park, since it is more of an action camera versus a point and shoot.

BDC: Your caption on your winning submission was “ helps me stay a Mouseketeer even during the work week!” How has helped you be a Mousekeeter, or just escape your desk, and keep your business running?

Cindy: I have always been a huge Walt Disney fan and Mouseketeer at heart.  I had two industry conferences located near Disney this year so we decided to purchase annual passes and make the most of them with extra trips throughout the year.
I was able to keep my business running which is imperative, even from the Magic Kingdom thanks to’s mobile optimized site, either with my iPad or on my phone. It’s easy to navigate and simple to use.

BDC: What would you say is your favorite aspect of’s service?

Cindy: Ah, that’s easy - I love that I don’t have to run around to get checks signed. Many of my clients use ACH payments and I haven’t found much resistance from clients or vendors in adopting ACH, especially once they realize how easy it is.

You put everything into and so do they, meaning that your private bank information is concealed from the other party, protecting everyone involved, you send & recieve money faster and with better notification via email.

BDC: The end of the year and the holiday season can get crazy for many businesses - what are some steps you think business owners or finance managers could take to help business run smoothly and be able to step away from their desk during the holiday season?

Cindy: I would say the first step would be to pick one new technology to help you work more virtually. Identify what that could be by asking: What current procedure gives me the biggest headache? Bill pay, invoicing, email, document storage and access- whatever it is, there is a solution that can make you more efficient and let you spend more time with your family during the holidays instead of at your desk. Many applications offer trainings or trials that you can take advantage of now, before the end of the year.

For more about how to go paperless before 2014 - Join us for our Countdown Webinar. Register here.

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 15:57
Friday, December 6, 2013 - 13:39

By Brian Jacobs, General Partner, Emergence Capital Partners

(Reposted from Emergence Capital Partners Blog)

Last night, we honored some of our portfolio companies at the Emergence Capital Annual CEO Forum, an afternoon and dinner with all of our portfolio company CEOs.  Here is the text of my toast to Rene Lacerte, founder and CEO of

"Every year, we celebrate with our CEOs at the end of the year.  We want to thank you for your tireless efforts and we want to recognize some of you who achieved significant milestones during the year.

At Emergence Capital, our mission is to build industry leading SaaS companies, and if we are doing our job – and we think we are – then by coming to this dinner you are almost guaranteed to meet famous software entrepreneurs who have disrupted billion dollar markets.

If you have been coming for a few years, you may have sat next to Lars Dalgaard, or Aaron Levie.  If it’s your first time, then you may be sitting next to the next Peter Gassner or David Sacks.  If fact if you are here, you much more likely to become a famous software entrepreneur or a billionaire, then almost any audience I can think of.

In addition to our Company of the Year Award, we also give something called the Emergence Award.  The Emergence Award is not for the big successful sale or IPO, but a company that is working its tail off, executing, making their customers happy, often without much public recognition."

Read the entire text here.



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