Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 22:56

Business Intelligence Group, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, announced that has been awarded a BIG Award for the second year in a row. This year its founder and CEO René Lacerte has been named executive of the year by Business Intelligence Group (BIG). Lacerte recognized for his vision and helping countless organizations improve their accounting processes

“You can spot real leaders by their passion and René Lacerte is no different," said Dawn Fordyce, managing director for the Business Intelligence Group. “René’s intimate knowledge of financial systems and processes combined with his vision for simplicity has helped countless organizations deal with their complex finances."

The Business Group recognizes true talent and superior performance in the business world through its award programs and interviews. They look to reward those companies whose achievements stand above their peers. The Executive of the Year Awards looks for executives who demonstrate leadership, results and loyalty as well as the drive and dedication that makes an executive stand above the rest.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 08:01

Rene Lacerte Top 100 Most Influencial, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, announced that its founder and CEO René Lacerte has once again been named one of Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People.”  Lacerte recognized for making life easier for accountants

The Top 100 was created to recognize leaders who bring an extraordinary level of experience and authority to advance the accounting profession. To be considered for selection, the publication's editorial staff reviews a list of candidates from a diverse array of areas that affect the CPA profession including: practitioners, vendors, lawmakers, regulators, association heads, marketers, consultants and academics.

According to Accounting Today “serial entrepreneur Lacerte continues to make a splash by making work easier for accountants, these days by extending the already impressive capabilities of his platform and integrating them with many of the other tools that businesses use. The members of our Top 100 Most Influential roster are the people who are truly making a difference in the accounting profession. In all their different fields, they are creating the profession’s future.”

An e-book on the top 100 list is available for download.

Monday, September 16, 2013 - 09:26

By René Lacerte, Founder & CEO of

Today is a great day at Today we reveal the next major step in alleviating the headaches and information roadblocks that plague finance departments everywhere. Today, we have launched the App Center which is an open, SaaS-based platform focused on streamlining workflows and supercharging productivity not just for CFOs but for entire companies.

Finance departments are often in their own silo, unaware of purchases or sales that impact cashflow until it is too late. The App Center creates critical bridges to the finance function. The result is essential business tools from cross-company departments are now integrated into the finance system. At launch, our App Center streamlines the finance department’s workflow, bringing together key tools such as expense management, online mail management, and accounting systems.

One of our first integrations is with the expense management solution Tallie. This integration means that finance professionals are able to finally combine bill payment and expense report automation, two functions essential to financial management which have not yet been seamlessly integrated. Finance professionals will have a clearer view—and better control—of their cashflow than before with the integration between payables, receivables, and expense reporting. Similarly, by integrating with Earth Class Mail, our customers now have an easy way to digitize their paper bills, making it simple to get these critical documents into, where they can be easily categorized, approved, stored, and paid.

And this is just the beginning. We have many more integrations to announce in the months to come, all of which will help continue to alleviate the process headaches businesses face every day. We have revolutionized the core payables and receivables financial processes by automating them and we believe that by harnessing the power of the Cloud and open API’s we can help others reinvent all business processes. This is our commitment to you and our inspiration for the App Center. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback in the months to come. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 20:22

Cloud-Based Automation Brings Finance Professionals Clearer View and Better Control of Cashflow. and SpringAhead announced that they have integrated Tallie, SpringAhead’s expense report software, in the new App Center, which launched today. The combination of these two market-leading SaaS solutions finally unites bill payment and expense reporting automation, two functions essential to financial management. Never before have bill payment and expense report systems been so deeply integrated. Now, by bringing payables, receivables, and expense reporting together, finance professionals will have a clearer view—and better control—of their cashflow than ever before possible.

“If you’re looking for a good first step to move to the cloud, is your product. It dramatically improves your processes, and tightens security for your cash management. And the perfect next step is to implement the Tallie expense management solution,” said Doug Sleeter, President, The Sleeter Group. “The combination of Tallie and makes the whole expense management process smooth, secure, paperless and efficient.”

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Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 20:03, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, today announced that it has launched the App Center, which for the first time creates an open, SaaS-based platform focused on streamlining workflows and supercharging productivity not just for CFOs but for entire companies. Whereas the finance function historically has been an island, unaware of purchases or sales that impact cashflow until often too late in the process, the App Center has now created critical bridges to the finance operation by integrating essential business tools from cross-company departments into the finance system.

The App Center is designed to solve financial professionals’ most common business needs, streamlining workflow by bringing together key tools, such as combining expense management, online mail management,  and accounting systems. The first phase of the App Center will feature deep integration with a select group of best of breed solutions, which have been highly requested by existing customers and prospects. Deep integration means that the solution meets specific customer workflows, is integrated to the point that set-up is easy enough to be self-serve, and allow for easy, immediate data conflict resolution. Just as led the industry by making it possible for SMBs to manage end-to-end financial processes with seamless accounting software sync, the company has now extended this power to other business processes.

For example, by integrating Tallie and, finance professionals are able to finally combine bill payment and expense report automation, two functions essential to financial management, which have historically never been united. By managing payables, receivables, and expense reporting together, finance professionals will have a clearer view—and better control—of their cashflow than ever before possible. Similarly, by integrating with Earth Class Mail, is offering its customers an easy way to digitize their paper bills, making it simple to get these critical documents into the solution, where they can be optionally entered using data entry service, easily categorized, approved and paid.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 22:28

By René Lacerte, CEO and Founder,


Rene Lacerte of

For many years now, the “consumerization” of business, the enterprise, and IT has been bandied about as the defining technological trend of our generation. Indeed, as everyone has counted down the days to this week’s announcement of the new iPhone, one thing is clear: devices are now at the center of all we do, from interacting with our friends to searching the web to participating in webinars. And, yes, we even (very) occasionally still make phone calls with them.

Consumerization is loosely defined as the blending of the personal and business uses of technology devices and applications. It is this second area which, of course, most interests us at and which is often lost in all of the hoopla surrounding device announcements.

Applications are inherently different than they were five years ago. People no longer want to work in a way different from the way they think. Just as people can aggregate all the information they need on the web, they want to be able to reach all the business information they need from one place. This is a major shift in how business processes are completed. Gone are linear tasks and siloed departments. To be successful, applications must be able to bridge multiple processes and many departments.

Indeed, collaboration is now key for business success. Just as Facebook and its ilk redefined how we communicate with others—and Wikipedia even changed the way facts are defined and recorded—business applications must now be social and collaborative too.

We have built to automate and simplify processes that once took far too much time. And by moving financial processes to the Cloud, we have enabled CFOs and other finance professionals to have the information they need at their fingertips wherever they might be so they can keep business moving at today’s “Internet speed” with deeper knowledge than ever before possible.

So, while we are all excited to get our hands on a new iPhone, we also are just as excited to keep building the applications that truly put the consumer into business. Because without the applications to make businesses work wherever they are, we might have to resort to using our phone to make calls. And nobody wants that!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 22:13, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, recently announced that an increasing number of tech companies are deploying Cloud-based financial management solutions to increase their efficiency and reduce their overhead. Companies including RunSignUp, InsideView, ReadyForce, StubHub, Zong and many other rapidly growing innovators have turned to to simplify workflow, increase productivity and enjoy the ability to work from any location at any time.

RunSignUp uses the power of the cloud to make it simple for race organizers and runners to manage races and register for races respectively. Started by 25-year tech veteran and avid runner Bob Bickel in 2010, the company quickly grew and now handles more than 3,000 races every year, handling hundreds of thousands of registrations. As a result, the company has to make hundreds of payments a week during peak seasons, a process that took up to a full work day every week when done manually.  Now, with, this process takes only 5 minutes a week, giving the RunSignUp team extra hours to further build this fast-growing business.



“There is simply no way our business could have grown the way it has if we had to process checks manually,” said Bob Bickel, founder and CEO, RunSignUp. “With, everything is done with a push of a button, and it has made all the difference in the world to our business. There is great power in going paperless.”

InsideView is another rapidly growing tech company, recently securing an additional $19 million in funding from leading venture capital firms. Used by nearly 13,000 companies and over 350,000 marketing, sales and account management professionals, InsideView provides the data, insights and connections that help organizations find more leads, win more deals, and grow accounts. With this massive amount of data and customers, InsideView relies on to simplify its financial management—and a key part of this simplification is making sure that no matter where its financial team might be, financial transactions and approvals never come to a halt. For example, InsideView CFO Jim Lightsey has found that using empowers him to work effectively from any location, even when out of the country.

“ is an essential tool for CFOs because it lets you maintain control over your financials no matter where you are, as long as you have a mobile device,” said Jim Lightsey, CFO, InsideView. “When I was in Greece on vacation, I was able to quickly make all approvals and transactions needed without losing valuable time out of the office. Without, it would be simply impossible to keep our business running so efficiently and still be able to leave the office.” delivers a complete web-based financial solution for businesses and accountants that provides the tools, information, and collaboration required to better manage their financial tasks and optimize cash flow.'s game-changing technology allows users to access online bill payments, e-invoicing, document management, and automated workflow through one easy system. In addition to seamlessly integrating with businesses' existing accounting software programs, provides financial leaders with a comprehensive view of their cash forecast - making it the only solution that connects a user's banks, bookkeeping, and business.

“We built to let leaders innovate rather than wasting valuable time writing checks and sifting through piles of paperwork,” said René Lacerte, founder and CEO, “We are particularly pleased to see how fast-moving tech companies have turned to to complement their own work in the Cloud. Together, we are creating a new, paperless world where businesses are more nimble than ever, bringing services never before imagined. We look forward to seeing what our customers will create next.” 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 13:04

By Mark Orttung, President and COO, Banking Platform

In our quest to empower banks to fully serve their small business customers’ needs, we recently announced our customizable bank entitlements. This new capability allows each bank to create a unique solution to serve their SMBs’ end-to-end business processes. Just like, these bank-unique solutions are simple, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of a wide range of SMBs. 

Banks can now create solutions that blur the lines between capabilities from the bank-branded solution and those from the bank’s own unique offerings. The bank defines new roles, typically managed in the bank’s Internet banking site, which govern who has access to specific information and functions in their organizations. 

Just like in, the bank can make the solution simple for most businesses to adopt, but powerful for more sophisticated businesses to tailor. The bank can put together collections of permissions into pre-defined roles, making it easy for most companies to get started and use standard entitlements. The bank can also allow larger SMBs to create their own roles, combining the permissions in whatever way their processes require. 

Donna Arce, Managing Director of the Business Internet Banking Program at the influential Barlow Research perhaps said it best:

“This is a totally new way of looking at entitlements.  A bank can offer small business owners a way to delegate cash flow management functions at a more granular level. Offering a wide range of entitlement capabilities not only provides for tighter levels of control, it empowers the customer to manage their finances in a way that works best for them and their business.”

Indeed, as opposed to other entitlement solutions, which just support entitlements around payments, our entitlement solution can be built around all business objects, serving a business’s entire workflow. Businesses can determine which employees have access to specific types of objects, tailoring the system to the business’s unique processes.

This ability to serve a company’s whole workflow is big step forward for the industry. Just think, many online banking solutions, which are still based on consumer platforms have no entitlements at all, and other business-oriented solutions only address payables in a rudimentary manner.  With this new capability, we allow banks to create a unique offering blending the bank’s strengths with the power of the system.  And now banks can do this in a way that is simple but powerful for their SMB customers.

Learn more about the Banking Platform and watch this space for more news.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 12:53, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, announced that it will offer a free webinar, “Fraud Mitigation for Your Nonprofit” on Tuesday, September 17, at 11 a.m. PT. Registration is currently available.

In this webinar, nonprofits will learn how to prevent fraud in their organization via a discussion centering around:

  • five common myths about fraud;
  • the three-sided “Bermuda triangle” of fraud;
  • five must-use best practices if you want to prevent fraud; and
  • low-cost breakthrough technology you can deploy today.

Learn more about the webinar.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 10:07

By Christina Del Villar, Senior Director of Marketing, and AIAS

When Joshua Caulfield became CEO of the American Institute of Architecture Students three years ago, he inherited an organization with 150 local chapters, 7,000 members — and no way to manage anything until the 7000 membership dues were sent in with 7000 paper checks and forms. All this data had to be laboriously keyed into QuickBooks by hand. And that was the easy part.

Collecting the fees from the members was simple and straightforward compared to the much bigger challenge of transferring to each student-run local chapter its share of the funds. That’s when Caulfield found out you can send architecture students a check, but you can’t make them deposit it.

“We’d send each local treasurer a check for their chapter’s share of the dues,” says Caulfield. “They’d get it from their student mailbox, and leave it on the desk in their dorm room. Then they’d put a bunch of books and papers on top of it. Then, three weeks later, they’d find it and put it on a shelf. Another four weeks later, they’d find it behind a book on that shelf and put it in their bag. Finally, after maybe four months, they’d call to say they had this check that was no longer valid.”

So Caulfield did what any card-carrying member of the new generation of “No Check” CEO’s would do. He built an entirely new, practically bulletproof structure on the most reliable, rock-solid foundation he could find — the cloud.
(“Card-carrying” is just a figure of speech, of course. Just mention the idea of carrying around an extra piece of paper, even a little ID card, and these ubercool CEOs say, “isn’t their an app for that?” )

You see, “No Check” CEOs have eliminated time-consuming, paper-based processes almost everywhere in their organizations, by replacing file cabinets full of paper documents and hard drives full of application programs with electronic documents and software services in the cloud.

Now AIAS members sign up and pay their dues to National Headquarters online, and Headquarters simply deposits each chapter’s share directly into their bank account. Easy as one, two. No paper checks to get lost. No paper forms to file and store.

Plus, the cloud is more secure than any file cabinet ever could be. Two-factor identification beats a little metal key any time. (Especially the little metal keys nobody uses.) Indeed, when surveyed more than 500 finance executives back in January, 83 percent said they’re quite comfortable with mobile security.

And with the AISA’s finances in the cloud, now everything is always at Caulfield’s fingertips, even when he’s on the road — which is about 75% of the time. He can approve and pay bills, review any document he needs for a decision, and easily work together with any member, staffer or vendor in any part of the nation, from any location. No matter where he goes, he’s never out of touch.

Would you like to automate your time-consuming, paper-based manual processes by moving them to the cloud? Try with no risk today or watch a short demo.



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