They’re Smart, Innovative – and Paperless. Who Are These “No Check” CEOs?

Across the nation and around the world – everywhere tech savvy founders, owners, finance leaders and executives operate – a new generation is using game-changing technology to replace time-consuming paper processes with fast, efficient cloud-based systems everywhere in their businesses.

These “No Check” CEOs aren’t tied to their offices, but free to manage their companies from wherever they need to be, with instant, real-time access to their business and financial data from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Many never use paper checks, because they send electronic payments instead. Their staffs never waste time printing invoices or stuffing envelopes, or spending money on supplies and postage because they invoice and process bills electronically. And because they also get paid electronically, you never see a pile of checks sitting in an office waiting to be deposited – customer payments go straight into their accounts.

Some “No Check” CEOs don’t even have file cabinets in their businesses. That’s because they don’t need to save and store paper receipts, purchase orders, contracts or the paper invoices their old-school vendors still send – not when it’s so much simpler and more efficient to scan all these items to a cloud based system where they’re always instantly accessible from anywhere, whenever they’re needed for making the right decisions.

But don’t think they do all this just to save trees, although paper manufacturing is the third-largest user of fossil fuels in the developing world, and contributes significantly to deforestation, greenhouse gases and climate-change.

And they’re not doing it just to save space, either, although getting rid of file cabinets, folders, shelves, microfiche systems and drawing cabinets does free up a lot of room, and eliminating the need for off-site document storage does lower costs.

These smart, innovative “No Check” CEOs know from experience that replacing paper with cloud-based technologies frees their time, speeds their responsiveness to competitive change, improves their customer service, drives down their costs, and gives them unprecedented visibility into business performance.

“No Check” CEOs have proved that eliminating paper wherever possible makes everyone in their companies more efficient and productive – including themselves. And because eliminating paper also eliminates the need to be near their file cabinets where the paper is stored, they’re no longer tied down for long hours at the office. They’re free now to access documents and manage their businesses from anywhere they want to be, via laptop, tablet or smart phone.

What has made this transformation possible?  Finance on the cloud (also known as SaaS--- Software as a Service).

This means that instead of an error-prone manual paper process, “No Check” CEOs can automate all their payables and receivables activity by using software which the providers host from the cloud.

The advantages are many. Their data is now more secure because, unlike paper documents and checks, electronic data can be protected with enterprise-level security systems.  The “No Check” CEO can set approval authority and control access, eliminating fraud. And with one click they can sync all their activity with their accounting software and link with their bank account.

Cloud applications make it easy for groups to collaborate, no matter the geographical distance between members. For example the process of approving bills for payment goes much faster when bills and the associated documents are accessed electronically.  And staff at distant offices can all access the same data simultaneously.

“No Check” CEOs never have to pay for a software upgrade, because cloud applications are upgraded continuously as part of the service. Their IT costs are lower, because they no longer have to purchase servers and the cloud provider handles all the maintenance.

Best of all, cloud applications can be used from anywhere, from any device with a web browser – another reason “No Check” CEOs and their staffs are no longer tied to the location where a critical application is available on only one computer.

Interested in becoming a “No Check” CEO yourself? It’s as simple as moving your business processes from the manual, paper world to the cloud, via services such as


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