Follow these 5 steps to onboard your firm: Step 1 Icon

Set up your Console

Start from the Console to customize for your firm.

Download a "how-to" document

Playback the free Get Started webinar

Playback the free Console Overview webinar

Download all of the free Get Started webinars

Build your new workflow and pricing

Determine which steps in your current workflow will be replaced with new automated steps. Identify who enters, approves and pays bills.

Download two "how-to" documents for A/P

Playback the free A/P Deep Dive webinar

Download two "how-to" documents for A/R

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Create a client demo account

With the built-in demo account, gain first hand experience with to demonstrate its advantages and ease-of-use to your clients.  Learn the features your clients will use based on industry.

Playback the free Client Evaluation webinar

Get certified on

Take our world-class Expert and Guru certification courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge of

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Update your listing in our Accountant Directory

Showcase your firm's expertise to win new clients.

View the Accountant Directory

Follow these 4 steps to onboard your clients: Step 1 Icon

Assess your client's needs

From your Console, access specially designed tools to help you assess your client's needs and establish value-based pricing.

Playback the free Effective Pricing webinar

Present your new client service offerings

Customize our pre-designed presentation template based on your client needs assessment, and then present your solution.

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Create your client's account

Enter your client's information including their users, accounting software systems, and enable online payments.

Playback the free Advanced Client Setup webinar

Train your clients on how to use

Teach your clients how to use with your firm's process. Access our support videos, FAQs, the built-in demo account, and your own processes to help you show them how. Click here for a video! Step 4 Icon

Free Webinars: Get Started with

Select a webinar below to learn how you can get the most out of All webinars are hosted by a Guru and are available on demand to fit your busy schedule.

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Get Started with for Accountants

Watch the video

Attend this live 1 hour webinar hosted by a Guru and learn how to:

    1. Set up your Console
    2. Add clients
    3. Complete setup using the Start-up Checklist

    Getting the Most from your Console

    Watch the video

    Attend this half hour webinar and gain a deep level understanding of all your console features. You will learn to master the console in no time. Learn how to:

      1. Update your accountant directory
      2. Brand the console with your company logo
      3. Become Certified
      4. And more!

      Client Evaluation: Who's Moving to the cloud?

      Watch the video

      In this 20 minute webinar, you’ll learn which tech savvy industries are moving to the cloud, and what tools are available in your console to evaluate your client’s pain points. You’ll learn how you can:

        1. Target the clients who are the most likely to transition to an online solution
        2. Identify which features they need the most
        3. Demonstrate the cost to your clients of their current paper processes
        4. Define which markets to go after

        Effective Pricing Strategies for Accountants

        Watch the video

        This brief 14 minute webinar demonstrates various pricing strategies used by Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms as they monetized their new cloud-based financial office solution powered by

        We will dive into the five most common pricing strategies used by our Accountants and Bookkeepers:

          1. Price by Feature, by Interaction, and by Transaction
          2. Pass your savings directly to your clients
          3. Absorbing the costs

          Introducing to Your Clients

          Watch the video

          This 25 minute webinar demonstrates what you need to know to start the conversation, introduce the features, and support your clients as they make the change to a paperless cloud-based financial solution.

          We will cover:

            1. The basics of Change Management 
            2. How to comfortably talk about features
            3. Customizing your message using the Customizable Client Presentation

            Advanced Client Setup

            Watch the video

            This 45 minute webinar builds on what you need to know to setup your client. Based on hundreds of conversations with Accountants, these the primary things you will want to think about as you complete the setup of your client’s account.

            Learn how to:

              1. Setup sync preferences and funds transfer
              2. Setup accounting preferences for job costing, classes, departments, employees and more
              3. Setup a consistent folder structure for additional company documents
              4. Nominate a second user on the bank account and setup PayPal for payments
              5. Customize invoice, email and auto reminder templates for receivables
              6. Create custom roles and customize user email preferences
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