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The Console and Dashboard

Add and access all your clients from your Console. View your clients' tasks from the Console dashboard.

Demo Accounts

Create a pre-populated demo account to demonstrate's features to your clients. Step 2 Icon Step 3 Icon

Client Assessment Tools

Leverage a variety of resources to help you effectively assess your client's needs and seamlessly move them to

Client Sales and Marketing Resources

Create professional client presentations using our customizable PowerPoint template. Step 4 Icon Step 5 Icon

Branding Tools

Put your firm on the forefront by branding's award-winning platform with your own logo. You can also create a branded log-in page or add a log-in screen on your website. Accountant Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Accountant Program?

The Accountant Program is designed to help you leverage the many benefits of the service for your clients, while increasing the level of service your firm provides. Learn more.

What is your relationship with CPA2Biz? actively seeks out and engages in strategic partnerships like this one to advance technology and the future of the accounting profession. Click here to read more.

Can our firm's clients and I share access?

Yes, you and your clients can share payables and receivables processing tasks. lets you determine how to involve clients. Learn more about common business and work flow scenarios here.

Will our firm have free access to each of our client's accounts in

Yes, with the Accountant Program, accountant firm employees will get free unlimited access to all the client accounts they've been given permission to access. Learn more about roles and permissions here.

Can our firm pay for our clients' use of

Yes. You can choose to have clients' fees billed directly to your firm. You can set up this central billing feature using the Accountant Console. Click to learn how.

Does offer a training program?

Yes. We offer two different levels of training certification as well as an essentials course for beginners. Certifications are included with the price of your program and console. Read more.

Does work with storing credit card receipts and recording bills paid via credit card?

Yes, but this works only if you use QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, or Peachtree (Sage 50). Read more.

Will I be able to list my firm in the accountant directory?

Yes. We offer listings by state, giving priority to those accountants who have completed certification programs. Learn more about managing your directory listing.

Can I embed the login page on my own website?

Yes. You can use a simple code snippet and your customized client login URL to offer your clients the ability to log in from a page branded with your firm logo, right from your own website. Click here to get the details.

Is secure?

We know security is of utmost importance and we take a number of precautions to protect you and your money. Learn more.

What is's privacy policy?

We go to great lengths to ensure your privacy. Read about how important this is to

How do I cancel the service?

Click here to learn how.

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